New President and Treasurer of MADRA

We would like to welcome Tom Joseph as our new president. We look forward to serving the community with him, in partnership with the residents of Mernda.
We would like to thank our outgoing president, Michael Bradley for his many years of service to MADRA and the community.

Lesley Chan Herlihy has also been elected to replace Graeme Bushby as treasurer for the 2015/16 committee. Graeme took over the Treasurer position from Warrick Peters following the AGM in April 2015. We thank Warrick Peters again for his long service with MADRA and Graeme for stepping in to fill the position at short notice.


As of 15th July 2015, the new committee are:

President: Tom Joseph

Secretary: Brian Herlihy

Treasurer: Lesley Chan Herlihy

Committee members: Sandy Wallis

Graeme Bushby

Sam Musso