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June meeting

At our monthly meeting on 15 June, we welcomed Chris Jermyn – Liberal for McEwen. Chris spoke about the need to plan ahead for infrastructure in growing areas like Mernda and Doreen, and we stated our position supporting the E6 freeway and other projects affecting the local area, and requested his support.
Michelle Newton from Whittlesea Community Connections also attended and spoke about the valuable services that WCC provides, including connecting volunteers with organizations, translation services and community transport services.


Special meeting on 15 July

Our next MADRA meeting on Wednesday July 15th will be a special one – our long-serving president Michael Bradley has stepped down, and we are now looking for a new president! MADRA has been active in Mernda since 2005, securing gas and sewerage connections for the then small township, and recently has organized the hugely successful 3rd annual Mernda Community Fair, as well as assisting with the Mernda Christmas Carols and the Mernda Diwali Festival. We also provide auspicing for local community groups. We are inviting applications for President. Applicants will be asked to give a relaxed and informal talk on what they can offer the Mernda community, and we are excited to hear from you! The only requirement is that you have a genuine desire to make a difference in your local community. We are also looking for normal members, and everyone is welcome to come along on the night to find out about MADRA and to see how you can be involved in making Mernda an even better place to live! If you’d like to be involved in your community but don’t know where to start, then this is the place to be. Additionally we are looking for a treasurer – no qualifications are required, just a willingness to put aside an hour or two each month to prepare a report on MADRA’s finances. The meeting will be held on Wednesday July 15th from 7pm to 8.30pm at the Mernda Villages Community Activity Center at 70 Mernda Village Dr. Our meeting are held in the meeting room. We thank Michael for his contribution to MADRA all these years and wish him a happy retirement!

2015/2016 MADRA Committee

The MADRA Annual General Meeting was held on 15 April 2015 to elect the new committee.

They are:

President: Michael Bradley

Secretary: Brian Herlihy

Treasurer: Graeme Bushby

Committee members: Sandy Wallis

Warrick Peters

Tom Joseph

Lesley Chan Herlihy

Amy Bester has stepped down from MADRA. MADRA would like to thank Amy for all the work she has done for MADRA and for the community, and we wish her all the best.

We would also like to thank our outgoing treasurer Warrick for all of his work, again both for MADRA and for our community. Warrick is staying on as a committee member. And we welcome our new treasurer Graeme, thank you for taking on the role.

And we welcome our new committee member Lesley.